Grant Morrison Talks Area 51 Movie

Grant Morrison Talks Area 51 Movie

Hiring proper comic-book genius Grant Morrison to perform script magick on the Area 51 movie does seem like a natural fit – the Midway title’s mix of aliens, conspiracies, the illuminati and genetic mutation are straight up his strasse. The only missing ingredients are drugs and the occult – can he find a way to squeeze them in too?

Morrison is NDA’d from the soles of his shoes to the shine on his head, but he was able to let a few details slip to MTV Splash Page about his plans for the game’s backstory and how movie work differs from comics.

“I have to get to the core of [the plot] , dismantle it, and make it work. It’ll be a totally different view of the aliens and the whole mythology,” said Morrison.

“Comics might be more sophisticated than movies, with many intense layers of ideas that you can go back if you missed one,” he added, “but with movies, you get a wider audience. You get the guy in Milwaukee who doesn’t care about anything, so the idea has to be more simplistic. And it’s one idea. Get anywhere near two, and it’s trouble. You can have to be linear because if you miss something, you can’t rewind.”

Er, yes you can. That’s one of the great advantages of direct-to-DVD releases, Grant!

Grant Morrison Talks ‘Area 51’ Video Game-To-Film Script, Promises New Take On Alien Movies
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