Guitar Hero: World Tour Bags Deluxe $US240 Version

Guitar Hero co-publisher RedOctane is looking to squeeze a few more Ulysses S. Grants out of gamers, providing fans of the rhythm genre with a more expensive, but of questionable value, edition of Guitar Hero: World Tour. For $US239.99, exactly $US50 more than the standard retail price, you get... a t-shirt, two recharge kits, a gig bag and a keychain? Surely, that can't be everything.

It might be, as GameSpot requests didn't bear informative fruit from RedOctane reps. You may just be buying the prestige of spending more money on trinkets you'll likely rarely (or never) use. But hey, what's a fifty between friends and the multi-billion dollar corporations who make our plastic junk?

Guitar Hero World Tour Deluxe Band Bundle [RedOctane via GameSpot]


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