Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Compatibility Updates

Two bits of news hit the Guitar Hero World Tour community sites this week about drum compatibility.

Top of the list is news that Xbox 360 users can now download a Guitar Hero World Tour update that will allow ION Drum Rocker owners to use the drum kit with the game.

More importantly Neversoft wants everyone to know that while they've done everything they can to get the Guitar Hero World Tour drum and guitar to work with Rock Band 1 and 2, they've reached an impasse.

The team at Neversoft worked diligently on making the drum and guitar controllers compatible across Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 1 and 2 on the PlayStation 3 platform. The Guitar Hero World Tour drum and guitar controllers currently support a basic level of gameplay with both Rock Band games.

However, integrating the Guitar Hero World Tour drum controller into the Rock Band games requires an update to the Rock Band game software. Until that update is made to the Rock Band software, the Guitar Hero World Tour drum controller will not function in the PlayStation 3 version of that game.

While I applaud the effort being put into making sure that people who own different pieces of hardware can use them with different games, I have to wonder how many people this actually affects. Seriously, let me know in comments. Is this a burning issue for a lot of you? Do you want to use one drum kit on another game? The only thing I want to do is use BOTH drum kits on one game. Maybe set them up in a metal cage with some hydraulics.

It's the little dreams that keep me going at night.


    Absolutely this affects me. Because we had to wait so long for Rockband in Australia I decided to grab what looked like the superior kit (GHWT) and then just grab the disc for RB & RB2.

    Honestly this is getting ridiculous, first we wait over a year for the 1st Rockband to even get a release, its released with the problematic instruments and 0 DLC. We get no indication of a release date for RB2 and now GHWT, the game that promised we wouldn't have to fill our game spaces with a plethora of plastic instruments, back pedals and says 'but its not our fault there's no inter game compatibility, its the other dudes fault'

    Why announce something like this if you're not 100% certain it's going to go ahead.

    What *I* want to know seems to be the most obvious drum compatibility question:

    WILL MY PS3ROCK BAND 1 DRUMS work in Guitar Hero World Tour?
    And, for that matter, the rest of the Rock Band PS3 kit.

    I also want to know why noone else cares. You can't seriously tell me *everyone* who has one of these games bought a Rock Band 2 set when GHWT came out.

    I spent about $400 on this game *before* downloadable content, and another $35 on that. Plus I like the layout of the Rock Band drums. They look like part of a music game - I don't think they should necessarily be as realistic as possible, they should be as *fun* as possible. Some people just find realism fun. But I like my Rock Band set and I really, REALLY don't want to buy a new one.

    Any chance of Kotaku getting some answers?

    Sure that affect me, i have the GHWT drum and i really don't want to have to buy 2 sets of drum to play the games.

    This does affect me. I don't want to have to buy two sets of instruments just to play the game. GHWT's instruments are the superior instruments and I want to be able to play the game with them, especially considering Australia is still getting the rubbish RB1 instruments that the US and EU complained about.

    I bought GH:WT and sold my RB1 drums. So, basically, I'm effed until the patch is released. More to the point, we were all told that ALL instruments from ALL three music games (RB2, GH:WT, and Rock Revolution) would be cross compatible. Freaking liars!

    Brian, I would imagine that compatibility would be an issue for all sorts of people considering to buy any of the new games (GHWT & RB2). I've heard alot of good things about both games (bad stuff as well) so I'm currently trying to make a decision which one to get with the controllers and be able to buy the other as a game alone.

    As I own a PS3 and hearing that compatibility is a problem, I now have to choose which game I will buy. I would prefer to own both but I will not be going down that path as I don't want two sets of controllers for games that are pretty much the same in the way you play them - who ever heard of having to buy multiple steering wheels for different driving games? you can buy one and it should play fine on most if not all.

    The key issues I have before buying is - track list, Controller quality then compatibility. I'm leaning towards GHWT but I've read that the drums are not problem free. I haven't read into the RB2 just yet but I'd hate to hear the same thing

    I would love to own both games with one kit (I don't want endless amounts of peripherals cluttering my home) but thats looking impossible. So I'll do my research and buy the game that will give me the most bang for my buck.

    I've decided through trialing both Rockband 1 and GHWT kits that they are both rubbish and have far too many issues. I'm sick of being screwed over because we are in Aus.

    I want to purchase this kit, regardless of cost but I can’t find anywhere in Aus to get it. Any the places in the states wont ship (I’m assuming because of the size and weight of the product) to Aus either. Can someone help me find somewhere to buy this kit?

    I purchased the GHWT KIT Thinking it would be good for RB2 in the least, since neversoft was nice enough to allow RB drums to work in their game. The kit was a better value for me at this time. However, it sounds like Activision/EA/Rock Band 2 programers are the only ones holding out PS3 owners like me from full cross compatability. As for Rock Revolution, I will have to see. If gamers like us keep the pressure up on RB produces, I hope they will listen.

    I wonder if this is a similar situation to the blocked patch for the Les Paul, where Neversoft were trying to charge EA/HMX extra and they refused.

    Ion kit is a good idea if you can afford it - no more worrying about build quality/compatibility :)

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