Guitar Hero World Tour Facing Drum Issues?

Reader DarthMetalHope was scanning boards in advance of picking up Guitar Hero: World Tour today, and notices that for those who already have it, some are seeing sensitivity/operability problems with the drum kit. Enough that it's raising a big stink, and Activision has noticed.

One PS3 gamer on IGN's boards says:

I went and started the drum trainer just to get a feel for the drums. I noticed right off the bat that the red pad only registered that I was hitting it softly even when I hit it hard. So when I got to the trainer about hitting certain accent notes harder I failed out every time, even if I hit the pad with all my might.

And a 360 player:

"Just picked up the full band version for 360, at first there was a problem with the pads registering, and the red pad just completely died a minute ago... Out of the box less than 3 hours..."

Activision has noticed the chatter and put up a sticky on its Guitar Hero boards directing perturbed gamers to customer support, and step-by-step advises them to make sure the instruments have batteries, are powered on and bound, that cables are completely attached and that the drum pedal is on a flat surface. It also suggests swapping your cymbals, if one doesn't register, to see if it's the cymbal pad or the kit overall. It ends with information on how to get a warranty replacement from Red Octane, and that's not a good sign.

Haven't seen much complaint with the other peripherals although one left-handed reader wrote to say that downstrum on the guitar seems to be an issue with his and a friend's set. Instrument interchangeability has me strongly leaning toward buying this kit. Let's hope this is either overblown or there's a good explanation for all this in the works.

Update: Reader Steven C. relates similar problems with the Wii version. He says his drumpads wouldn't register hits in freestyle mode, which shows you how hard you strike them. He has returned three sets in all. On the last one, one of the pads would set off other pads, sometimes turning on star power (which is supposed to come on when you crash both cymbals.) "Compressed version. Game is very fun, drums are buggy enough to negatively affect gameplay," says Steven.

Update II: Seems there are compatibility problems when using World Tour instruments on the PS3 version of Rock Band 2. See thread started here

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    XBOX 360 Band Kit.. Red pad requires a MUCH harder hit that all the rest. And on top of that, half the time I hit the red pad, the yellow symbol activates as well. I tried putting the orange pad in the yellow pads place, and it still did the same thing. This sucks.

    Actually, I found that I'm having the same problem with my blue drum that most people have with the red (xbox 360)

    I'm having the same problem with my drum set. Also, not only does the yellow symbal activate when I hit the red drum, but there's no way to put any kind of accent on it, it always hits hard even when I barely tap it.

    The issue I found was that the red drum pad was unresponsive. Cracking open the case, it was due to shoddy soldering. After soldering the wire, the wire came lose again (I blame this on my skills). I've re-soldered the wire with a heavy coating this time. But it didn't take. I think the wire's too small of a gauge to handle the pressure.

    Yes, yes, void warrantee, yada yada yada ; )

    I'm having issues with my Wii version.

    Yellow cymbal unresponsive, orange cymbal cord is broken... Pretty bad set.

    I'm having a much different problem..I have it for the x-box 360 and I sync the drum kit with the system, and then it works, but when I go to try to play one with the drums, I get a message saying that I must plug a drum set in to use them..I'm at a loss right now..because I am using the drums to try to play with the drums and its telling me I need drums..confusing, sorry. Any help would be great, thanks all. =]

    I've had problems plugging my Alesis drum kit into the GH:WT drum kit using a MIDI cable. The hi-hat and toms work perfectly but the snare, crash and kick don't work at all (they all use mono plugs).


    I have cracked both the cymbals, now the problem is both of them does not work.

    Red drum died after about 2 hours, Got the kit exchanged 2 the next day the red drum does not work. Very Very ANGRY. What do i do? Keep get it exchanged.

    I am having an issue with the drum kit even connecting with my 360. When I go to play in either Career or Quick Play, it reads as vocals only. When I select drums, I get the message that I need to connect drums. I have repeatedly tried to reconnect the drums, but with no success. I even took the batteries out for quite a while, but still have not had any luck reconnecting it. I have contacted customer support, but if anyone here has any ideas, I would appreciate it greatly.

    well at first i had a faulty mic had the whole set exchanged adn now 3 days later my drum kit is stuffed, the red drum dont work at all, like wat the hell GHWT is crap! this is annoying

    My red pad stopped working so I did some research and saw the problems everyone was having and took it back for a full refund. When they sort the problems out i might get it again. Only prob is I bought a copy of Rock Band as well (disc only) and now have nothing to play it on. Mightily P*SSED OFF!!

    Ok i got my full set yesterday and for now everything works, but i have to hit the yellow pad INSANELY hard, like i can hit the red drum pretty easily but the yellow is just insane. Is that normal or should i exchange and then now after reading these comments im worried that my drums are gonna stop working after a few days...

    Red, blue or green drum problems - For a fix, take a look at - 15 minutes and your drum kit will be better than new.

    The workmanship on the drums is dire when you open them and see how they have been done. There is no point sending them back to the shop, unless they can guarentee a replacement then and there. You can fix the problem yourself. It all comes down to how the wires are touching the sensor and in most cases they are barely touching and that is why you are having problems.

    I have an Issue that I don't know how to resolve.
    The wireless reciever in my actual drumkit doesnt seem to work. the red lights that flash when you press the PS button on the drumkit keep flickering like its turning on and off constantly so i cant finish a song. I know its not a low battery problem because I have put new batteries in and still the same problem. It could just be because ive had the kit for a year with no problems until i cracked my cymbals. in which i just used a youtube link to help fix the problem. which was merely adding tape the the censor in the cymbals. But I suppose as a drummer and a girl. I probably dont hit the drums as hard as what i have seen some guys hit them, so i think most faults are the users themselves. I just thought that after spending over $300 on the game and instruments, i figured i was use them with respect at least so they would last because of the reviews i have heard.

    But nevertheless only other problems i have had is the Drumstick holders being smashed in (my fault) they were only glued on from the inside >__<

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