Guitar Hero: World Tour Launch Event Celebrigasm

Guitar Hero: World Tour was welcomed into the world this weekend in a flurry - possibly even a plethora, I'll have to double check - of publicity, flashbulbs and PR budget splurging.

The Smashing Pumpkins either celebrated the launch or sullenly grumped their way through it, depending on who you believe.

Meanwhile, across America (well, in 3 cities) celebrity gamers descended on Gamestop stores to.. be celebrities. They performed well.

In New York, Blake Lively from TV's Gossip Girl turned up to buy a copy - apparently of her own volition. In L.A. crowds stood in awe as Zach Levi and Josh Gomez from off of Chuck joined 'others' and in Dallas, Texas several members of the Dallas Mavericks were accompanied by the Dallas Mavericks Dancers and the official team mascot, "Mavs Man."

Wait.. this just in. Yes, I can confirm it was a plethora.

Hit the link for the gallery.


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