Hidden Gems: Classic Arcade Gaming Near You?

Is there a pool hall, milk bar, caravan park or corner shop near you that still has some classic arcade action hidden away in the back corner like it's 1985? If so, we're hoping you can share the joy with the hordes of Kotaku Australia readers who want to find out where to relive the days when home consoles were a real luxury, the best games were paid for 20c at a time, and the cabinet art was far superior to the graphics on screen.

We want photos, descriptions, addresses, Google Streetviews, whatever you can do to help others find these precious nuggets of classic gaming and gather to put down their favourite three letters on the top of the list.

If you can start the ball rolling, send your pics, links and write ups to the tips *AT* kotaku *DOT* com *DOT* au address. Hopefully there are enough of these locations out there to keep the gems flowing for the weeks and months to come. Any predictions on which state will turn up the most gems?


    "the best games were paid for 20c at a time" huh? probably showing my age here but I was playing pacman back in 1981-1982 and it was a quarter, 25c per credit and pretty easy to blow a roll of quarters 10 bucks in an hour or two.

    We have Point Blank set up at my TAFE, I know its not that retro but its still fun. Anyone can pretty much walk into the cafeteria and play, nobody checks ID.

    First guess would be Sydney but after thinking a bit more, maybe Victoria. Melbourne has all sorts of awesome things.

    We're talking Australia here, Warden, so we don't have quarters. We have 20c pieces. :-)

    Point Blank is a great one for casual gun action. And yeah, doesn't seem that old but it must be close to 15 years since it first appeared? Do the guns still have working kicks? And do they still aim straight?

    I've been thinking it could end up being something odd like Adelaide, or Tassie, or a regional centre like Nowra. Not calling them backwaters, more that in the cities all the milk bars are disappearing and things have been 'modernised' a lot this decade (consequently removing all the life from places).

    I don't think it's going to be Adelaide. I live in Adelaide and have done many 'crawls' looking for classic games. There used to be some good ones up in Tanunda (Mortal Kombat 2) but they've been sold. Same for the large amount of classic arcade games that used to be at Tilt on Hindley Street, but that's been a few years gone.

    I did however see an NBA Jam at the Elizabeth bowling alley. Except it was powered off. They also had TMNT, the arcade game. It was on, but it wasn't accepting my coins. :(

    Maybe they'd sell you that NBA Jam cheap! Could be a nice score. ;-)

    I'm going with NSW, coz I grew up in Sydney and there used be heaps of arcades around (I know coz I visited most of them ;)

    There is a TimeZone in Wollongong that has a bunch of light gun and dance machines. Even a pinball table, an air hockey table and those ticket games. They also had, last I saw, Soul Calibur and Tekken machines set up and an old retro box with about 100 games in it and you select the game from the menu when you put in your credits.

    There was, last I saw some months ago, an old Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting machine at the train station in Wollongong.

    Wollongong University also has some machines in one of the student areas. Marvel VS Capcom and a Star Wars pinball machine last I saw, and a two person Daytona cabinet.

    There is also an old, all but dead shopping mall in Miranda, Sydney with a MVC cabinet waiting for somebody to love it. I can't remember the name of the shopping centre though. There's an RTA in there, if that helps.

    Then there's of course Galaxy World in Sydney, who have SFIV and it is awesome. There are other Galaxy Worlds in Melbourne, but I've never been, and a large TimeZone amusement park in Ulladulla on the south coast.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

    The Rosemount Hotel in North Perth had a couple of cocktail x-in-1 arcade tables for a while. They're still there, but I think they've unplugged them. Before that, they had Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Daytona USA. They've disappeared after the renovation.

    Same with Mojo's Bar in North Fremantle- there's a cocktail table-top in there with Ms. Pacman and a bunch of other games (another x-in-1).

    The Amplifier Bar has a corner with two arcade machines. They change from time to time. Last I saw was X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Raiden II.

    So yeah- fun times to be had while waiting for a concert to start. :)

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