High Noon: Microsoft Booth vs. Sony Booth BRAWL!

At 12:00pm, we hit the floors to see how the lines for platform holders Microsoft and Sony are holding up. Yes, both booths were packed — though, Microsoft had considerably more demo kiosks and does not have dedicated space for handheld games. Sony had an "I.D. check" for its mature titles, which actually might have hindered younger players from getting hands on time.

Those mature PS3 titles include Way of The Samurai 3, Resident Evil 5, SOCOM: Confrontation, Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Demon's Souls. There weren't wait signs for these titles (only play time ones), but the lines for all these titles save for RE5 were 45~60 minutes. The wait for Resident Evil 5 at the PS3 booth was 120 minutes. The noon LittleBigPlanet line ran 50 minutes, and the Gran Turismo 5: Prologue was a mere 12 minutes. The line for the White Knight Chronicles trailer was 80 minutes.

PSP titles also drew sizable crowds: DISSIDIA, Kingdom Hearts: Death by Sleep and THE [email protected] SP all drew big crowds, causing Sony to suspend the lines.

Microsoft also drew large crowds at noon. The Last Remnant line clocked in at 75 minutes, and the Star Ocean 4 line was 100 minutes. Fallout 3 was packing them in with a 90 minute line, while Saints Row wasn't. The 12:00pm line was a 20 minutes long. The Resident Evil 5 line at the Microsoft booth was 100 minutes.


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