HMV Launches Used Game Initiative

HMV is pretty sure games are going to be bigger than music, and as part of their slowly shifting focus they're rolling out their very own pre-owned game program, HMV Re/Play. Launching this Friday across approximately 160 HMV Uk retail locations, the company will begin accepting game trade-ins across all major console and handheld platforms, exchanging used titles for store credit good for anything the store carries - DVD's, games, and even music...but who buys CDs anymore?

"Our launch into pre-played games and the acquisition of underlines HMV's long term commitment to games as it becomes an ever-increasing part of our overall product mix," said HMV managing director Simon Fox.

An interesting development, but I've always felt that trade-in programs work better in video game-specific retail stores. Many electronics and entertainment chains in the states have tried this and failed miserably. Remember MediaPlay? Yeah, we were such dorks back then.

HMV enters pre-owned market with Re/Play launch


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