How The DS And Wii Are Doing Sales-Wise

Hardware needs hard numbers. We've got 'em. Nintendo's released figures for Nintendo DS and Wii hardware unit sales during the period starting April 4, 2008 and ending September 8, 2008. Let's have a look:

During the quarter, Nintendo sold 740,00 DS units in Japan, compared to 580,000 during the previous quarter. In the Americas, 2.53 million units were sold, down from the 2.71 million sold the previous quarter. In the category listed as "other," there were 3.52 million units sold during this quarter, compared with the 3.65 million sold in the previous quarter.

Nintendo sold 480,00 Wiis this period, compared to 530,00 during the previous one. In the Americas 2.08 million were sold this quarter; 2.5 million were sold during the last. In the region dubbed "Other," 2.37 Wii units were sold, up from the previous period in which 2.15 million were sold.


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