Identi-fiction AO Sphere Beta Test

Identi-Fiction is a French developer that is working on a series of episodic, browser based games using Flash. The first such game - sci-fi adventure, AO Sphere - is about to enter beta testing and the developers are looking for help.

Uh-oh. Flash. That means casual gaming, puzzles. Something you play at lunchtime, right?

Maybe not. When I spoke with her at the London MCM Expo, Identi-Fiction marketing manager, Salima Bessaraoui told me, "We started out as an Xbox and Playstation developer but we decided to try to create an new experience [using Flash] "

"When you seen the game you will see that it does not look like a puzzle game - it looks like a PS3 game."

Well, yes, perhaps. I've yet to see the game working yet. Still, the screens I have seen look quite good and it is good to see someone trying to use Flash for something a little more ambitious than another Tower Defence clone.

If you would like to help with the beta testing, check out the link below.
What is the beta test? [Identi-fiction]


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