If Miyamoto Designed A Motorcycle...

...this is what it would look like. Probably. Unsurprisingly, it's Nintendo-themed. The "Miyamotorcycle" makes good use of the Virtual Boy, as well as the "Oh Shit!" handle from the Game Cube, which adds a bit of safety and protection. But you have to question the practical uses for the tires. I mean, a Warp Pipe won't do you any good on slick roads, and the DK Barrel for the rear is just asking to break apart if you hit a bad pothole. Having problems identifying everything? The folks over at The Minus World made the list for you to check out after the jump.

A) Stylus Antenna

B) DS Backrest TOUCH

C) Virtual Boy VR Goggles

D) Fluffy Green Turtle Shell 2p Plush Seat

E) Nunchuck Throttle Grip

F) Link's Lantern Headlights

G) Mario Overalls Upholstered Denim 1p Crotch Cushion

H) Rear View Mirror Shield

I) NES Controller Nitrous Booster

J) Blooper Inky Oil Opponent Nullifier

K) NES Cartalytic Converter

L) Gamecube 2p "Oh Shit!" Handle Grip

M) WiiMote Revver Waggle Wand

N) Tokyo, Japan "It's A Mii!" Licence Plate

O) Arwing Laser/Pikmin Death Motivator

P) Pikmin-Fueled Front Wheel Drive

Q) DK Barrel-Ass Back Wheel Base

R) Wii Fit Pedal To The Metal

S) Warp Pipe All Terrain Tire

T) Chain Chomp Power Train

U) Select/Start (Select OD Setting) & (Start Engine)

V) Miyamotorcycle Custom Decal

W) Princess Peach's No Frills Frilly Dress Mud Flaps

The Miyamotorcycle (the-minusworld)


    They couldn't of added 3 more items to make it a whole alphabet of stuff?

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