Infinite Undiscovery On The Cheap. Anyone ...

Infinite Undiscovery On The Cheap. Anyone looking for a low-cost stocking stuffer for the JRPG fan on their list might want to take advantage of today's Amazon deal of the day. Square Enix's Infinite Undiscovery is 50% off its regular retail price which, given it's rather middling review scores, should make the purchase more palatable. [Amazon]


    I think we FF fanboys should stop buying games from SE from now on. I used to be big fan of FF games. But SE just pissed me off again that they release games on Xbox and no games PS3. I'm still PS3 loyal fan tho, but SE kiss my [email protected]# from now on cuz I'm not going to wait and beg please release games on PS3 F#$% U F#$% U F#$% U Square Enix. How about just making games for Xbox only. I'm calling all PS3 fanboys boycott SE don't buy games from them no more, they just anounced another game Star Ocean Last Hope on Xbox for 02/19/09 but not on PS3. I don't care the come out FF 13 or versus 13 this Christmas I still ain't gonna buy them.
    FU square enix and [email protected]#$ all your games from now on. If you guys are truely PS3 fanboys than don't buy none of Square Enix games from now on. My PSN ID is Dreo if you guys want to join in the boycot.

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