Iwata Vague About U.S. Release Date For DSi

Iwata Vague About U.S. Release Date For DSi

While Japan is getting the DSi this November, the U.S. isn’t. In fact, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said the company won’t be bringing the DSi to North America until late 2009 because it wants to continue selling the DS throughout the holiday season. Nintendo Co., Ltd. president Satoru Iwata is even more vague, telling business paper Nikkei, “The DSi will probably be launched in the US and Europe next year.” Outlining his vision of the DSi, he adds:

Because users can now download and save software, they can personalise the DS. By downloading subway maps and other things, for instance, the DSi can be useful for applications other than playing games. We wanted to create an offering that would fit naturally into people’s everyday lives.

The DSi is venturing into PSP territory, touch pen in hand. But can it compete? The Japanese stock market didn’t exactly give the DSi the warmest of receptions…

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  • Im getting it…HECK im getting 3. i love what Nintendo’s doing with the DS, I just wish this was their original design for the DS to begin with

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