Japanese Retail Not Keen On Used MGS4 Copies

Never mind that Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers have been popping up at the Tokyo Game Show for eons now. The game was first publicly shown at the 2005 TGS, and the ensuing years brought new trailers to boot. It all culminated in a hands-on MGS4 demo last year. This year there was still a MGS4 trailer — even though the game has been out for months. This year's MGS4 promotion at TGS was more a thank you to fans and an attempt to garner more interest in Metal Gear Online.

While in Tokyo for TGS, game site Siliconera tried gauging lasting retail shop interest in MGS4: Shinjuku shop Tsutaya is offering ¥500 ($6.74). There's one word for that and that is "ouch". For comparison sake, the same store is paying ¥3,800 ($51.51) for Cross Edge, ¥1,200 ($16.27) for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, and ¥2,500 ($33.90) for the almost three-year-old Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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No One Wants Your Used Metal Gear Solid 4 In Japan [Siliconera]


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