Kid's Corner Is For Kids, Games And Sleepytime

The Kid's Corner at TGS is a special place. Reserved for small kids and their parents, it's a place free from loud speaker setups, overpowering LED displays and scantily-clad young women. In place of those things comes ample room for napping parents, more pink DS games than you dare to imagine and the wholesale indoctrination of a new generation of Japanese gamers.

The area is dominated by two companies: Capcom and Square Enix. Capcom with Mega Man and an army of pink DS games, Square Enix with Dragon Quest and...more Dragon Quest. Seriously, they were the only two booths of consequence. Sony were giving LittleBigPlanet a shake, with limited success, while the tumbleweeds blowing across Microsoft's Viva Pinata display were indicative of the regard the Japanese hold for Rare's franchise.


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