Left 4 Dead Makes Versus Vomit Funny

The royal we have a bit of vomit phobia. The last time I threw up was college (go figure), but the time before that was grade school: Fruit roll-ups everywhere. Upcoming shooter Left 4 Dead from developer brings out the puke for the Versus mode hi-jinx. Valve's Doug Lombardi explains:

Yeah, there's this slapstick quality to the game that really comes to life on Versus mode. When you're playing as a Boomer, your best shot is to vomit on somebody and maybe see the horde come in before you get taken out. You're not going to be around too long.

It's funny how something that simple and insane-sounding is fun and so satisfying. It's really something different than you've done in a game before, and I think that's part of the charm of it. It's like, "Wow, I vomited on all these people and I get to watch all these zombies and rip them to shreds." You know, there's this sense of a little bit of the accomplishment thing, but then there's also this slapstick moment where it's like, "I vomited on him."

Valve, breaking new ground in in-game upchucking.

Left 4 Dead Interview: Versus Mode, Demo Details, and the Joy of Vomit [Shacknews]


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