Let's Listen To That Controversial LBP Song

Last week, Sony announced a worldwide recall and delay for LittleBigPlanet after two expressions from the Qur'an were discovered in the lyrics of one of the game's licensed music tracks. The song is titled "Tapha Niang" off the album Boulevard de l'independance. It's actually a pretty catchy song, and I'm quite disappointed it won't be in the final game. If you managed to get a retail copy before the recall, it might not matter since it's believed Media Molecule will release a patch to remove the song from every copy anyway. So enjoy it while you can.


    Agreed. That's funny - I can listen to it online, for free, in multiple places on the globally pervasive interweb...

    But I can't pay $100 to play a game that just happens to include this track. How many people have heard these lyrics from the Qur'an now, eh?

    Can someone please now recall YouTube

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