LittleBigPlanet AU Release ‘Working Toward’ November 7

Many readers heard this via retail channels, and shared in the comments, but we have just received official word from Sony Computer Entertainment that they are “working toward achieving” a November 7 launch for LittleBigPlanet in Australia and New Zealand. That statement leaves some wiggle room (that is, it doesn’t say “confirmed”) should something stall the re-mastery process and local re-distribution, but it’s good we know a date to hang out for. Save your pennies, people, because Nov 7 – 14 may now be one of the toughest weeks at retail I’ve ever seen gamers have to contend with.


  • So we miss out on the first week content I assume – no “I was there from the start” T-shirt and spaceman costume… typical.

  • Grrr.

    We photograph aborigines in this country even though they don’t like it..

    The concept of taking wrench to a young, twisted child girl made it into BioShock..

    Does censorship seem a bit random and whimsical to anyone else?

    Maybe, just maybe, parts of the secular community find religion constantly meddling with culture as an affront to our own values?

    I’m going to make the single most offensive (generally – not to the Muslim community) level I can come up with. You’re all invited.

  • Ziggy, good luck with that. You know they can ban you right?

    Since the delay is worldwide (though we’re probably the last to get it) I’d hope we still make it for the T-shirt

  • Man this sucks, I’m going on a holiday to fiji November 16, was hoping to have my LBP and F3 fill before I had to leave 🙁

  • Can you please confirm with Sony Au that we will be able to still get the first week Sackman T shirt and Spaceman outfits, seeing as we will be 10 days later than the US release.

    Thank you
    Cheers QuozL

  • We’re chasing up a confirm either way on the week one special items now, QuozL. Fingers crossed there is some leeway with all the shenanigans.

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