LittleBigPlanet Delay: No Word On New AU Date Yet

It's still early Monday after the big LittleBigPlanet delay news over the weekend, so the local Playstation team has yet to work out what the new Australian date for LittleBigPlanet will be. We spoke to a rep who said word will be released soon, so for all those who have been peppering me with questions on what is going to happen you'll just have to wait a little longer. Hopefully we don't draw a short straw and end up at the back of the global re-manufacture queue.

LittleBigPlanet Faces Global Recall For Qur'an References


    Just check the EBgames website and they have an updated date for LBP to 11th Nov now :(
    havent heard anything else...
    u think Kmart might break the street date one more time for LBP tho XD

    EB Games have told me that their new release date is Nov 7th

    this is really pathetic....

    its appalling to see how far society has fallen when games are no longer allowed muslim content without people whinging and the game being pulled. its perfectly fine for christian bible references in games, yet a double standard exists for any other religion. it makes me feel absolutely disgusted to be a part of the human race. the stupid thing is that without all this controversy over it....99% of people wouldnt have even noticed, nor cared.

    I've confirmed with 2 retailers that the new date is the 7th of November. Nothing from Sony themselves (did we expect anything better?)

    No word on whether this means we now miss out on the "week 1" space suit and t-shirt.

    This delay is probably a good thing for me... I might actually be able to afford to buy LBP when it comes out now, as opposed to adding more debt to my credit card.
    However, I do want to play it as soon as possible.

    I don't understand why it was recalled.. no doubt future user generated content will bring the same problems. It's just stupid.

    yeah i was just told the 7th as well

    what certain perople get this knickers in a knot about :rolleyes:

    this is really .... sad...

    As per the second story on the matter, apparently Qur'anic verse set to music is deeply offensive to some Muslims. Add the sensitivity of the USA to all things 'outsider' and the actual content of the two lines, and I can start to see why SCE would want to play it safe with what is potentially the biggest title to yet hit the PS3. They want this to be a very positive story for the Playstation brand, not something that gets spun into something political. So from a commercial standpoint I can see why they want to be more cautious than not with this title.

    7th Nov is new shipping date, so release date should be then or shortly after.

    Epic epic fail by Sony.

    It's perfectly understandable I think that Sony chose to overreact when considering (1) LBP is their biggest release on the PS3 ever (2) the phrases in question.

    It still doesn't justify why one group's objection is taken a lot more seriously though. But that's not Sony's fault, just the muslim-fearing climate we live in. Terrorism = effective. Islam > Church of England. Muslims > Venezuelans.

    Urk, November 7th? Really? That's the same day as Gears 2 and Rock Band.

    My wallet wept. November was already crowded with releases as it is.

    EB Games now updated again with '2008 TBC'
    - same on release schedule page....

    I heard thru a distributer that nov 7th is the magic day

    I cant WAIT for the massive influx of user created Qur'an and Muslim levels when this game is finally released.

    Why wait for the delayed australian version when you can get the Asian version (in english, works with all PS3s cos they're region free) is shipping weeks earlier?! Take a look at

    I pre-ordered the US version of the game from Play Asia a few weeks ago and got it in the post this morning. Anyone want to buy a very limited, Muslim-offending, collectors' edition of LBP?

    November 7th? You've got to be kidding me.

    I'm broke as it is and placing LBP on the same day as Gears 2 is a bad, bad, bad, bad idea for SCEA. This will completely destroy any chance for a lot of people getting this game anytime soon.

    I'll get it regardless, but it means I won't be able to play it at all until I finish Gears 2. Shame really, because I'm desperate to play LBP and was *really* looking forward to this weekend.

    Yet another reason to import this game from overseas - get it for the same price if not slightly cheaper, but 2 weeks earlier than all your mates!

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