LittleBigPlanet Finally Convinces Will Wright To Buy A PS3

SCE President Kaz Hirai recently addressed the importance of games on the PS3. This must have been great news to Spore creator Will Wright. I recently spoke to Wright at an event held in Midtown Manhattan. Of the handful of questions I asked, I wanted to know what he thought of LittleBigPlanet, since he's interested in user-created content and all. His answer was a bit surprising.

"I haven't seen as much of [LittleBigPlanet]as I'd like to. What I've seen of it looks intriguing and very cool. I've seen a couple videos of it, though. Is it out now? I don't have a PS3."

Wait wait wait, this is where I had to stop him. Not only did I have to tell him LBP's release date (October 21st), I had to ask why the hell he doesn't own a Playstation 3. I mean, he's Will Wright, one of gaming's greatest designers, and he doesn't have Sony's latest system? You mean to tell me over the last two years the thought to acquire one, even for free, never entered into his mind?

"[LIttleBigPLanet]will probably tip the scales for me to buy one. I own pretty much every other system. There's just been no titles for [the PS3]I've really wanted to see."

Oooo, burn. I image Kaz will overnight a few PS3's to Will's house tomorrow now. But c'mon! MGS4? Uncharted? Resistance?


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