LittleBigPlanet Gets DualShock 3 Bundles Too

Taking a page from the Wii Play playbook, Sony is going to bundle one of its more popular upcoming games, LittleBigPlanet, with a DualShock 3. It'll do it in Japan anyway, hoping that the Japanese video game consuming public will be awed by the woolen cuteness of Sackboy and bring some vibrating solenoids into their workaday lives. Price is just 7980 yen, about $79 in increasingly worthless U.S. dollars.

For the PlayStation 3 plus LittleBigPlanet bundle box, please hit the jump.

You wouldn't believe how long Japanese gaming publication photographers took pictures of this box at Sony's booth. It was like hours. Don't ask why we timed it. You'll find out later.


    Damn.. if the game wasn't in japanese, i'd get it in a second.

    Game - 110 from EB, ~90 from JB
    DS3 - 80
    Bundle - ~100aud

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