LittleBigPlanet On Sale at Harvey Norman, Dick Smith (But Not For Long)

While LittleBigPlanet is officially under recall and should not be available for another week or two, it seems there are some retailers who may have missed the memo. Hellerphant has shared some interesting findings from some research today as he called around to try and get his hands on a copy just in case. Surely he was kidding himself?

I found most Harvey Norman outlets have stock in Victoria, and three of the five I called were willing to sell me a copy (picked mine up for $105 today). Also a few Dick Smith Stores in NSW/ACT: Woden PowerHouse; VIC: Chadstone; Large Store QLD: Townsville Powerhouse; SA: Elizabeth Powerhouse.

We made a couple of calls ourselves and found the Woden store had changed their tune but one regional Harvey Norman store confirmed they have copies available right now. We checked in with Sony Computer Entertainment and they were pretty concerned, so while you may get lucky with a few regionals right now, expect this breach to be shut down before the afternoon is out.


    Was very lucky to get a copy, I'm one happy guy right now :)

    I thought this would be the case...

    But I took matters into my own hands - ordered it from play-asia 9pm Monday night, turned up at my door at lunch time today (thursday). :)


    Haha nice mate, see you online in two weeks once they get the servers up :)

    I'm having more luck finding Fallout 3 in stock than LBP.. this is harder work than GTAIV was.

    I got mine from Play Asia, too. They're still happily selling the US version. I'm playing all the single-player levels while I wait for the servers to open.

    Yeah I really hope they open the server soon...

    Add me guys PSN: Hellerphant

    All stores now deny having it! If anyone gets their hands on it could they post where they get it?!

    Kotaku why did you have to run and tell Sony about this?? Why couldnt you let us gamers out there go and buy the game. You could have just posted where to buy from instead to running to Sony...

    Well they either find out about it all 3 minutes before or after I post the story. The former means I can actually mention their reaction to the news. I don't think I could have really bought people an extra day...

    Yep, just scored myself a copy from HN :)
    Thanks kotaku!!

    Which Harvey Norman!? Canberra?

    Noarlunga, SA. ~34 in stock.

    Ok - Its officialy confirmed. Canberra SUCKS!!!!!!
    Oh well, guess it will give me some extra time on Fallout 3 (And if ANYONE starts the whole "Bot official Playstation Magazine said it SUCKS compared to XBOX" my head might just explode!

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I went out to Elizabeth (SA) today and checked that Dick Smith but they were all out. Luckily I wandered into the Myer at the shopping centre there and picked up a lone copy of the game sitting on the shelf. I need to hear this mystery song before I connect it online and sony removes it with their patch.

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