Max Payne Movie Tops Box Office

Bad reviews, so what? The Hollywood version of Max Payne staring Mark Walhberg came out on top at the box office in its first week, beating out Oliver Stone's W. That film debuted at the fourth spot. Explained Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Media By Numbers: "The estimates for 'W.' were all over the place... You can't really expect that a politically charged movie like that would take the weekend over a big video game adaptation with a movie star in the lead role." W., of course, is director Oliver Stone's take on the presidency of George W. Bush. Hey, W., so you're President. What's that like? Say "hi" to your mother for us, okay?

"Max Payne" shoots to top of box office roster [Reuters][Pic]


    Ludacris has nothing to do as Bravura, he is black and he is young and he aint fat, so what the fuc.. is he doing playing the role of Jim Bravura?

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