Mega Man 9 Gets DLC This Week - Proto Man!

Not even a couple of weeks old and Capcom is already flooding Mega Man 9 players with downloadable content across all three consoles. This week sees the release of two different packs. Endless Attack is a stage that never ends...yes it goes on and on my friends....somebody started playing it not knowing what it was *slaps self*. Endless Attack is just that, endless. See how far you can get and how big a score you can rack up before your inevitable death. And the second pack? Playable Proto Man! Proto has charge shot, power slide, and a bullet-bouncing shield, but takes double damage and gets bumped twice as far when hit.

The DLC packs are available today on the Wii, with the 360 getting it tomorrow and PlayStation 3 on Thursday, as per usual. While the other two consoles wait, here's a look at what Wii owners are doing right now.


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