Microsoft Chips In $US25K in Search for Missing Kid

There's still no sign of 15-year-old Brandon Crisp, who went missing after his parents confiscated his Xbox, but Microsoft Canada added $US25,000 to the reward for information leading to his safe return, doubling it. Microsoft is also working with Barrie, Ontario authorities, divulging IP addresses of anyone who may have come in contact with Brandon via Call of Duty 4, his favourite game.

Microsoft is to be lauded for putting its money where its mouth is, and a missing child is a no-holds-barred effort, to be sure. But man, who knows how many people this kid gamed with over Xbox Live. They better not have any porn laying around when the cops come calling. I'm deadly serious.

Meantime, you-know-who has thrust himself into the Crisp family's misery. Jack Thompson says he called the cops offering his help, then said some bullshit about game addiction. I don't know what offer he made to them, maybe to cast the demons out of Brandon when they get him back. Why not. His faith healing skills are probably as effective as his lawyering ones.

If you have information you believe can help find Brandon Crisp, contact the Barrie police at 705-725-7025.

Reward Reaches $50,000 for Missing Ont. Kid; Microsoft and Jack Thompson Offer Assistance [Ripten]


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