Microsoft Coy On Future Spring & Fall Updates

Microsoft Coy On Future Spring & Fall Updates

Speaking to a gathering of journalists earlier this week at the Tokyo Game Show, John “Crazy Days” Schappert seemed unwilling to say that the Xbox 360 would return to the once comforting twice a year release schedule for its updates.

“I don’t know if we are going to tie ourselves to a spring fall release schedule as much,” he said. “I think one of the things that I worked with the team with when I joined. Lets do a big release. Spring and fall sounds like there is a lot of distance between the two but there is an awful lot of… it’s pretty hard to make a new dashboard because you have to certify it against every revision of the hardware, and there’s a bunch of different specs. It’s a pretty time consuming and challenging thing to do. Which is why we only did it twice a year.”

“I like staying focused on bigger and more impactful releases, so maybe it will be twice a year, maybe less frequently. You know, to be determined. I think it’s going to be more about: Whats the next big launch? What are we bringing? When can we bring it? How can we do it in a big way.”

Schappert also said that new updates would likely include new content for avatar customisation and that the company is still looking at the possibility of adding text search to the ever expanding Marketplace line up.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “We already have plans well into next year about what we’re delivering next.”


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