Midway Had A ‘Bad Day’ On Wall Street

Midway Had A ‘Bad Day’ On Wall Street

Midway isn’t the only company feeling the pinch in these troubled economic times, but yesterday they were hit especially hard, according to Forbes. The company’s stock hit a 52-week low today, losing 12% of its market value, with owner Sumner Redstone facing the possibility of selling more assets to help keep it afloat.

Today it dipped even further, bottoming out at 79 cents a share, closing at 90 cents. The company recently cut loose some of its licenses to improve its financials, something we hope sales of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe goes a long way to revitalising.

Tell you what Midway, you put out a respectable copy of Hydro Thunder on Live or PSN, and I’ll buy two copies. Hope that’ll help. 🙁

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