Mirror's Edge Planned As Trilogy With Level Designer

You have to admire the confidence of a developer who blithely announces two sequels to a new game before the first is even released - what if it all goes horribly wrong? The embarrassment!

Mirror's Edge is looking like a bit of a corker, though so maybe we can forgive EA DICE Senior Producer Owen O'Brien his enthusiasm. Speaking to AusGamers, O'Brien revealed that the game was merely the first part of a larger story..

"The story we're telling at the moment is kind of a trilogy, a three-story arc," said O'Brien, "I think there's a lot of scope to take the story in different directions, or maybe tell someone else's story. But certainly for these first couple games, it's all about Faith."

Whoah! Easy now, Owen! Don't get too far ahead of yourself. Lets just do the three groundbreaking AAA titles for now, yes?

If the prospect of two more plot-based installments isn't enough, though, the first sequel will apparently come with a 3D level editor. Dystopian parkour marriage proposals, anyone?

Mirror's Edge to be a trilogy: level editor planned for sequel [Qj.net]


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