NES Carts As Objets D'Art

We don't know much about art, but we know what we (sort of) like - and what we (sort of) like is NES cartridges put in a cheap frame and displayed on our walls.

Each genuine NES cart is mounted on a 'Nintendo gray' top mat and a charcoal grey backing, then framed with something called a '1.5" Black shadowbox' and preserved under the finest UV resistant PVC. There is a sale on now, so all this is yours for a mere $US79 a pop.

You may laugh now, but in 15 years time the Franklin Mint will be all over this and these things will be the collectible plates of our generation.

[Framed NES]


    Of course, I'm over here In the states and so thought of doing this a year ago. It's a good idea is'nt it, to bad I never went along with it. LATER!!!

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