New Megadrive title to launch for the actual Sega Megadrive

legendofwukong-1.jpgOh yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Legend of Wukong is, believe it or not, a new title available for pre-order online and scheduled for a Sega Megadrive release this Christmas.

The 'roleplaying adventure game' is crafted like we're living back in 1992, all boxed up and ready like it will be hitting shelves this Christmas. Funnily enough, this is all about ordering online, and you can check out the screens and details at the Legend of Wukong homepage. The same team involved with this release last released a Megadrive game back in 1998, The Beggar Prince. Another roleplaying adventure, they have stock available of that title too, should you decide you need more than one Megadrive RPG this Christmas.

Shipped to Australia it looks like Legend of Wukong will cost $US52.00. But seriously, if you know someone who keeps a Megadrive on hand, what better Christmas gift than a BRAND NEW game for it? Sometimes the nostalgia scene feels too much like cashing in, but this is clearly a labour of love that deserves some recognition.

Legend of Wukong [Super Fighter Team]


    Yes, they are only available on Megadrive.

    Also, Beggar Prince was released in 2006, not 1998.

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