Next Tony Hawk's Game Will Have Skateboard Controller - Analyst

Stodgily-named market analyst Dough Creutz has been taking a look at the Tony Hawk's franchise and is convinced, convinced that the next game in the series will come with a skateboard peripheral.

"We also view it as highly likely that the game will include some sort of skateboard peripheral with all SKUs when it ships, given the massive success (and higher price points and profitability) of Activision Blizzard's Guitar Hero franchise," said Creutz in a report for Cowan and Company.

Hmm. That's great and all but it does ignore the fact that the reason people use the existing game's simple - yet reasonably deep - button based combo system to perform insane mid air grabs and death-defying grinds is that they don't know how to do it on a real board.

A bit of motion control is no bad thing, but the first time someone tries an ollie on a rebadged Wii Fit things might start to seem a bit counter-intuitive.

We are happy to be proven wrong, of course. All Activision would say is that the next iteration "won't be your father's Tony Hawk."

My Dad prefers Zoo Keeper on the DS, to be honest.

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