Nintendo Conference Round-Up

Today's Nintendo Tokyo press conference in a nutshell or a duck press. Whichever! Don't forget we'll be bringing you the very same news, perhaps with a North American slant, from San Francisco a bit later today. Stay tuned, but perhaps without the bated breath.

Liveblogging the Nintendo Press Conference Liveblog
Nintendo Announce New DS: The Nintendo DSi
Save Wii Games Direct To SD Card (Starting Spring 2009)
Nintendo's New Wii Games: Punch-Out, Another Code, Sin & Punishment 2, Dynasty Warriors
Nintendo Re-Releasing GameCube Games On Wii, Pikmin's First
Get A Good, Close Look At The DSi
VIDEO: First Look at the New Nintendo DSi in Action
Let's Compare The DS Lite and the DSi
Close Up With The DSi (Alright, Who's Buying?)
VIDEO: Japan, This Is Your Wii Line Up


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