Nintendo Sticking With Infared For Next Wii

Not the most exciting rumour surrounding Nintendo's next home console, but then, you take what you're given. And today, we've been given word from DigiTimes that - according to sources - Nintendo's "next-generation Wii device" will use the same infared technology the current one uses. Meaning cheaper tech for the console, less expenditure on Nintendo's part, and a happy continuation of the "please point your controller at the screen" reminders.

Pixart to sample MEMS chips for Nintendo Wii in 4Q [DigiTimes, via Gizmodo]


    That's certainly a easy, low-price cop-out for sure... but when you think about it, they probably intend to KISS it (as in "keep it simple, sweetheart") while providing for a possible backward compatibility with existing Wiimotes.That's probably why they did it like that, just to ensure we can upgrade to a new platform with absolutely no limits on backward-compatible designs.

    Well, except for the likely drop of the onboard Gamecube player (of course) since the introduction of Play on Wii titles will more than take care of that as the collection builds in quantity. Not to mention the pre-establishment of the collection's ideals beforehand (the Resident Evil 4 "wiimake," in particular, comes to mind right away in that respect).

    as long as they keep the GC controllers ports.

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