Nintendo's DSi Video (Who's Buying The DSi?)

Here's Meet-The-DSi Nintendo clip. It runs down the features we've already covered, but does it in Japanese. The DSi goes on sale in Japan on November 1st. Alright, who's buying? Who's not?

Video: Nintendo DSi Features [Gay Gamer]


    It seems okay in theory but you have to remember that for something to be actually better it should take nothing away from the predecessor.

    E.g. No GBA slot means no advance games, no accessories (no matter how rare), no dongle for pokemon games and lets face it- they're one of nintendo's biggest buyers.

    Sure, get it if you all you're going to do is play normal DS games (and not any of the freaky ones with attachments like guitar hero) then get it. Otherwise the hardcore might want to give this a miss.

    Okay, the weird photo shit scared me off a bit. Sheep, wtf?
    I am planning on getting a DSi though, the downloadable service has really caught my interest. If they're going to distribute all first and second party games via download, than I'm in.

    I dont care if they removed the GBA slot as I already have my DS Lite. If you want to play GBA, get a DS Lite or a GB micro.

    that's the reason why nintendo removed the GBA - because youhave a ds lite and to prevent slot 2 flashcarts (1st gen)

    Im looking forward for this for the camera and the downloadable games.

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