Obama Ups His In-Game Campaign Advertising

Presidential candidate and Pong fan Barack Obama has, in the past, urged parents to "turn off the television set, and put the video games away," wisely warning that electronic entertainment shouldn't be raising their kids. But Obama won't be telling potential voters to turn off their games of choice. His campaign has bought ads in nine games that accept in-game advertising, according to Boston.com.

You may remember that Obama got some press for snapping up billboards in Burnout Paradise, but Boston.com writes that he's extended that to Guitar Hero and Madden NFL 09.

Barack's been on the receiving end of some cash from both Activision and Electronic Arts, so that ad spend has a chance of coming right back to him. That's not just good marketing, it's smart cash recycling.

McCain hints he may raise Obama-Ayers ties in tonight's debate [Boston.com]


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