One Amazing Fallout 3 Lawn Ornament

Standing 7-feet 10-inches tall and weighing in at 120 pounds this Brotherhood of Steel statue may be a bit of a light weight, but it's also the coolest bit of Fallout 3 schwag currently available. Yes, even cooler than those Vault Boy puppets and Pip-Boy Watches (clocks).

Good news then for fans of the game, Sam's Club just announced that they will be the only retailer in the U.S. offering one of these looming statues for auction on their site.

The statue current high big is a whopping $US1, but I suspect that over the next 13 days or so it might jump a bit higher. Get in there and start bidding if you're interesting in having the coolest lawn ornament in town.

Brotherhood of Steel 7-Foot Statue [Sam's Club]


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