Perhaps Why Tokyo Game Show 2009 Has Been Rescheduled...

Notice something missing at this year's TGS? Besides lack of major news, there was a noticeable lack of nerd stench. The best thing about this year's Tokyo Game Show is that it was in October. The worst thing about last year's Tokyo Game Show was that it was in September, a month that is still humid, sticky and generally gross and disgusting. So it was quite nice not turning into a sweat monster during the show. The thing that wasn't so nice was the show's timing if you're a parent of small children.

See, October 13th was "Taiiku no Hi" or "Health and Sports Day." On that day (or the three-day weekend of), many schools hold their annual athletic field day, which is a big deal in Japan. Kids and teachers spend weeks organising the event and practising for it. This year, I missed my son's field day, much to his chagrin. He did get a gold medal with the character Anpanman on it for winning a foot race. Pure speculation on my part, but rather sure I wasn't the only father to miss his kid's field day because of this year's TGS.

With that in mind, it's no surprise the show's organisers have announced that next year's Tokyo Game Show will not take place in late September and not October. Much to the delight of game industry parents across the country, we're sure.


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