Perilar - Ultima-esque Turn-based iPhone RPG

!'ve said it before (although possibly not in public) and I'll say it again - turn-based games are a natural fit for mobile gaming. Any gaming device that you have to slip quickly in your pocket in case you get mugged demands a stable of games that you can take at whatever pace you like.

Perilar is a nostalgic nod back to the early Ultima games, without which we would arguably not have Fallout 3, Ultima Online and Richard Garriot being sick all over a cosmonaut. Turn-based RPG adventuring, quests, leveling up, the whole kit and kaboodle.

The iPhone bereft need not despair - Perilar is a conversion of a freeware Java game - JPerilar - still available for download here. If only there was a decent Java VM for the iPhone you could save yourself $US5.

Perilar RPG for iPhone, a Tribute to Early Ultimas [Touch Arcade]


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