Peter Molyneux Speaks About Next Game, Does Not Learn From His Mistakes

Look, I have a soft spot in my heart for Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux. I was a PC gaming tragic in the 90s, I enjoyed the first Black & White, heck, I even liked Fable. But really, Peter, if you're going to keep all these Xbox kids in line - the ones who don't know Bullfrog from Bullshot - you're going to need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Speaking with Kikizo about his next big thing, Molyneux says:

Everyone at Microsoft who's seen it is super excited about it - I mean there's just this huge anticipation for us to finally show it, because it is so unbelievably ambitious.

Oh dear. On the bright side, at least he gives a little background to the bragging, saying of the game's setting "Especially with the current timing, this will be really, politically contentious". Hopefully he means it'll be a game simulating the emergency nationalisation of Western financial institutions, and not that tired old "Iraq War" thing.

Molyneux's Next Game Poised for GDC 2009 [Kikizo][Image]


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