Portal: Still Alive Released, Ignores XBLA Size 'Limit'

Valve's re-release of the original Portal, dubbed Portal: Still Alive, was released for Xbox Live Arcade today. It's Portal, but with 14 smart new levels tacked on, and it'll set you back 1200 Microsoft Points.

Potentially more interesting than the release of a baker's dozen plus one set of maps, is Portal: Still Alive's size, which is 629 MB, the biggest XBLA game to date and one that certainly won't fit on your memory unit. That's well beyond the 350 MB "limit" introduced earlier this year. This must be what David Edery, portfolio planner for XBLA, means when he says "steady progress."

We warned you: Portal: Still Alive breaks XBLA size record [Destructoid]


    heres hoping valve do a rerelease of TF2 over xbla ad well when they decide to add the classes update to the 360 version. the 360 TF2 community could use a boost from a rerelease like this

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