Quantum Code: The Story So Far

Quantum Code: The Story So Far

This whole There are just over 24 hours remaining until the Quantum Code is cracked and one clever little agent bags 15k worth of Sony prizes.

With the seventh and final part of the code due to be revealed at tomorrow’s really really big event in Sydney, we thought we’d recap the first six after the jump, starting with Missions 1 and 2.

  • When MI6 agent Constance Newlove uncovered hidden security camera footage, she got more than she bargained for. After learning of the abduction of her colleague, Walter Davies, Constance found reference to a phone number, a company named Transnational Exports, and a shipping manifest.
  • While tracing the location of the locked safe, Constance uncovered a strange set of numbers, discovered by Her Majesty’s Satellite RAVEN. Could they be a lead to the second part of the Quantum Code?

Still a little lost after those first two clues? Try tracking down the video missions online, see if you can find Constance’s profile and hit the Quantum Code forum to see what your comrades in espionage are thinking. And don’t forget, if you’re outside Sydney and can’t make the really really big Sydney event, stay on the forum and scout for a teamate. How you split up that 15k is then entirely up to you.

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