Quantum Code: The Story So Far… Continued

Quantum Code: The Story So Far… Continued

You know this whole Quantum Code thing we’ve been mentioning a lot, over the last few days… well we really want a Kotakuan to win it. And it’s not just because there’s 15k worth of Sony Prizes up for grabs. No no no. It’s about pride, self worth, motivation. The sense of achievement you get in winning something that doesn’t just exist in a games console. The… meh, who are we kidding. It is about that 15k of prizes.. and the bragging rights, of course.

So, remember if you want to get the final clue and have any chance of winning the booty, bring your phone, your thinking caps and the first six codes to the really really big event at the Sony Central at World Square in Sydney, midday tomorrow.

If you’re not in Sydney, check out the Quantum Central Forum to find a recruit.

And if you’ve been too lazy to follow the whole saga from the beginning, hit the jump for the last of the clues we promised earlier.

  • The capture of arms dealer Lubomir Sinilov by authorities in Sydney, Australia, resulted in the discovery of a mysterious text message sent by a man named Browne. It contained one word – Doberman.
  • The discovery of a camera belonging to Walter Davies revealed mysterious photographs, believed to be a clue to cracking the Quantum Code. But what could these photos mean?
  • Constance was captured by the villainous Mr Browne. He recorded a hostage video to warn off any agents assisting Constance, but his attempts may just have backfired. Just what did Constance mean when she shouted the words “It’s in the music?”
  • Constance managed to escape from Browne and take with her some vital information. One of Browne’s henchmen was being sent to collect the sixth part of the Quantum Code from a man named Vaughan. Friendly agents managed to get there first. But what did the cryptic set of numbers mean?

[Quantum Code comp on Kotaku]

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