Ray Kurzweil Launches Forecasting MMO - Superstruct

Inventor, futurist, AI theorist and all-round smart person Ray Kurzweil has launched Superstruct - an MMO that aims to find out what life will be like in the next ten years.

Players create a profile - who they will be in 2019, essentially - and watch, read and learn about five possible 'Superthreats' to humanity such as famine, political unrest and pandemic.

The player chooses a Superthreat to work on and then collaborates with other players to write a story detailing how we can all pull through. Or not.

It's perhaps stretching the definition of 'game' a little, but it sounds fun and who knows - you might just save the world for real this time.

Superstruct: the world's first massively multiplayer forecasting game


    Kurzweil has nothing to do with Superstruct; the KurzweilAI site simply reported on the project. Superstruct is a project of the Institute for the Future. www.iftf.org

    Hey everyone! Great to see Kotaku blogging about Superstruct! Just a head's up -- Ray Kurzweill BLOGGED about Superstruct, but didn't work on the project at all. The game is produced by the Institute for the Future. Jane McGonigal is the game director and Jamais Cascio (at openthefuture.com) is the scenario director. Just thought you might want to publish the correction! Thanks!

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