Reggie Not That Keen On Disaster: Day Of Crisis

Ever wonder why Disaster: Day of Crisis dropped off the map? Might be because it sucks. That's what Reggie's worried about, telling IGN that "he doesn't think Disaster is a $50 game". Partly because the voice-over work and audio is "laughable". Good news for Americans is that Europe is being used as a guinea pig; if the game does well there (where it's already out), it'll be released in the US - presumably for less than $50 - if not, it won't be. Good to see Europe taking one for the team on this one!

Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast, Episode 26 [IGN, via Go Nintendo]


    Hmmm that's kinda funny, since IGN gave it a pretty good review.

    Reggie is a douche, I mean, I have the game (I live in UK), and he is seriously letting you guys miss out on one of the best games on Wii. It's one of the most underrated games on wii too.

    I feel sorry for you guys, as the audio isn't ''Laughable''. Douche-fag...

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