Resistance: Retribution, Resistance 2 Connect To Add 'Infected' Gameplay

PlayStation Portable owners, you're about to get a bit more value our of your copy of Resistance: Retribution. If you also own a copy of Resistance 2 for the PlayStation 3 — and if you're actually going to grab Retribution, there's a good chance you'll have one — connecting your PSP to the PS3 will "infect" your copy of Retribution.

What does that actually mean? All new gameplay features, unlockable items and new areas that can only be reached with an infected copy.

James Grayson, protagonist of Resistance: Retribution, will be infected by the Chimera virus similar to the original game's Nathan Hale. He'll be able to regenerate health — all health packs will be removed — and experience the game in an all new way.

In addition to health regeneration, Grayson also gets a new weapon, the HE .44 Magnum featured in Resistance 2.

Grayson also gets the ability to breathe underwater, letting him access areas of Resistance: Retribution that a normal version of our hero could never reach. That will likely play into finding the new unlockable intel only available if your copy of the PSP game is "infected."

It's a cool little feature that looks to add some replayability to Bend Studio's PSP game, something that hardcore Resistance fans will likely get a kick out of. We'll go play it on those lovely new PSP 3000s right.... NOW.


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