Runescape Launches PVP Worlds

In the works for quite awhile, primitive though still wildly popular among fans free MMO Runescape has just launched PVP worlds, special PVP servers where players can fight against other players with their precious, precious items at risk. Characters are required to have a combat level of 20 to even enter a PVP world, where combat may be initiated anywhere but a few choice safe areas such as banks, a fact that is sure to make banks very crowded indeed.

Not only is player killing encouraged, it is even rewarded, with item drops pulled from the opposing player's inventory and a special PVP world loot table which includes new PVP specific combat items and XP increasing gloves. The more time you spend in open PVP, the better the rewards. If you can get past Runescape's dated look and feel it could very well be a free PVP paradise. Hit the link for more details.

15 October 2008 - PvP Worlds [Runescape - Thanks Alan!]



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