Some Fable II Players Report 'Freezing' Issues

And it was all going so well!

Several users - both in our [email protected] inbox and the official Lionhead Forums - say that Fable II has been 'freezing' or locking up at various stages.

"as soon as I got into my adult stage in the gypsy camp it froze," said Lionhead Forum member 'Sansight', "Strange freeze too, loud buzzing noise for about a second, then the screen gets all sorts of weird artefacts."

There has been some speculation that the recent co-op patch may be the cause of the issues.

These are still early reports, though, and it is unclear if there is actually a fault with the game or if this is just a few unlucky gamers with a hardware problem. Please let us know in comments if you have been affected.

Lionhead has been contacted for comment.

Problems with freezing... [Lionhead Forums]


    Personally I have had no such issue with Fable 2, however GTA 4 has frozen once or twice.


    i have had the same issue as you Jakemop! I cannot get rid of it and now that i have continued the game and ended up close to the finish...i dont want to start again to get rid of the message >_

    I haven't had that problem, but in the first missions as a child the sister froze in one spot and i couldn't continue as the people don't talk to you until she is there, had to start from the beginning again... luckily it was at the beginning

    I've had save game issues as well. I got the CE version for the 360. The game will load the save roughly one out of every five or six attempts (which includes resetting the Xbox).

    It's incredibly frustrating. When it does load it will occasionally crash when loading between regions. Creating a stream of course language.

    I logged into xbox live and downloaded the update, afterwards the game loaded once, then the problems continued.

    I'm fairly sure that there is not a major problem with my console, having recently been playing similar games with no problems.

    Interesting that I'm not the only one.

    I've had two issues. I was in the Spire level and I was supposed to look out a window at some ships and I held in LT for a second to look...and then moved it back. It as frozen there. Thankfully, I was able to save and quit the game and it reloaded where it was supposed to. After that though...I haven't been able to dig up anything with 'dig spots'. I don't seem to have the option to pull out my shovel. The dog goes over and starts digging and my shovel just doesn't come out.

    Just got today, downloaded update when it asked as unaware if there were problems. When i get to the bit where you open the music box the screen goes blank and you hear something like an explosion - thats it, remains blank even if left for 20 minutes, but can return to the dashboard

    very annoyed as i cant play the game!

    I got weird artifacts. Reset the xbox. Tried other games... all fine. Went back to Fable & I think it killed my graphic card - now my xbox 'sometimes' loads normally and sometimes says unsupported mode - only sound. Now i've gotta spend £60 just to get Fable 2 in time for Christmas, that's about $100! Weird the problems intermittent and that it all started in the first 'crypt' in Fable where you're first introduced to magic - at first I thought it was just weird visual effects... hmmmm....

    Same problem as John Pearce above:

    "..I was in the Spire level and I was supposed to look out a window at some ships and I held in LT for a second to look...and then moved it back. It as frozen there.."

    Save game after it freezes - then when you reload it - it will continue...

    Very frustrating!

    im really pissed off about this. cant they release a big game on the 360 without there being problems? my game is just sitting there collecting dust because my dig/spots arent working AT ALL. cant even dig up lucians diary because of the fucking glitch. FIX THE PROBLEMS. First ninja gaiden 2's problems, now this. someone help!

    I have been unable to move, shoot, or do anything after doing the Crucible quest. I have only been able to look around in first person like everyone else. I can move around and attack normally when I join my friends game but other than that I can't play the game.

    I was in the process of having a sculpture made in the game, maybe 17 hours of play time in, and the screen froze on me. now when i turn off the console and restart and attempt to load that profile, the screen goes blank and freezes everything including the controller. this however does not happen if i create a new player

    I got a problem after i kept the guards off of garth with Hammer as he opened uo the gate. I made it to the next area (which wasnt an auto save point but should have been after all that work) Next scene is a cell where an old man laughs at you, he walks off into the mist and you hear screams. When i got out of the cell i took 10 steps and the screen went black. Now everytime i load my game midway through the load process it freezes and ive tried this atleast 10 times with the same results

    I have been also unable to move, shoot, or do anything after doing the Crucible quest it was only after i got 8 perfect rounds and open the chest and then i gos and lods the westcliff and then im lock into the starecase. I have only been able to look around in first person like everyone else. I can move around and attack normally when I join my friends game but other than that I can't play the game.

    my character has also crashed right outside the crucible... ive tried quick travellin to other places but nothin seems to work. everything else is as normal tho, people walkin round and stuff but all i can do is look around...

    I've had problems with Fable 2 also. Have the glitches on screen, like small blocks, lines, can't even switch the dashboard on via the handset. This happened 6 times within the space of 15 minutes or so, disc is fine, I then put Fallout 3 and I didn't even get 30 seconds into the game, it froze too! The co-op patch makes sense tho because I can't make it work at all, the problems arose ever since trying to use co-op mode. My 360 is now in a box for repair, as is my friend's 360 for the same reason. Cough up Lionhead! Ha Ha I wish!

    I've had these issues too. In fact, it's more frequent than any of the above described. I know it can't be my system, I recently upgraded to an elite, and it works fine with all my other games. What has other people tried to remedy the problem? I tried resetting, new character, and i'm thinking of taking it back to Fry's to get a replacement. Only problem is, it freezes randomly and I may not be able to prove the freezing exists.

    The only problem i've had was that it runs really loudly on the xbox. I seemed to fix it by installing it on my hard drive (thanks to the new dashboard) i've had the odd glitch or so(i.e. dog gets stuck in corner, character repeats expressions if i interrupt him halfway through) but so far no biggies.

    I just got this game today, mine freezes randomly everywhere. Froze about 8 times in the child stage and continues the same throughout. When it freezes i can't do anything, if i take the disk out the picture would still be frozen on the screen so all i can do is reboot my xbox! :(

    I dont think that the 360 console should be blamed at all for problems that happen while playing fable 2. I bought a 360 for the game and it was the first thing i played, and now i can't get through 10 minutes without the game freezing. This . is . BS.

    I had the same problem as "That guy" so I downloaded the game to the hard drive. The download is a couple of gigs, and you still need the disk to play Fable 2. But now I don't have any more freezing problems. Hopefully that works for some of you.

    Mine also froze. I was trading and accidently stepped on the cable so the xbox turned off. Now it wont load any of my saves. It just freezes about 3 quarters of the way there.

    when mine freezes there is no saying when it is going to happen i have tryed many times i never got to the castle for the first seven times then as a one of i got about an hour into the game then the screen froze then went black

    its just happend one night when i went to a city and it seemed like my feet were frozen to the ground or my feet were in the ground and i couldn't move and the only way i could walk was to pull the left-trigger button??????

    my shovel does not show up anymore

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