Sony Says PS3 Surfs Internet Faster Than Internet Explorer 7

Good news, PS3 firmware 2.5 is bringing Flash 9 support to consoles. Sony started working to get Flash 9 working on the PS3 a year ago and had to customise it to get the software running. The console's online speed is getting improved, too. According to Sony Computer Entertainment, the 2.5 firmware also ups the Javascript speed by 2.8. Masaki Takase says that while that benchmark doesn't surpass Google Chrome, but it does beat Internet Explorer 7. Not bad for a game console! Click through the link below to read more about firmware 2.5 for the PS3 and Version 5.0 for the PSP.

Sony Talks Firmware [IGN via PS3 Fanboy]


    Cool.... now if they would just patch the 2.5 update so i could stream my music from MY PC by folder again...

    Sony says a lot of things, doesn't mean it's true. In reality, it doesn't matter if a website takes 2 seconds longer to load, if your controlling it with a PS3 controller vs a keyboard and mouse, the PC will always win.

    It's about time the browser got some attention. Java still needs updating as even Sony's own OFFICIAL websites don't work property. Flash 9 was desperately needed, however some websites still refuse to recognise the PS3's operating system and display the Adobe update message. The browser is a useful / desirable feature but needs improving.

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