Square Enix, Capcom Booths Are A Teeming Mass Of Humanity

There's no question about what's most popular amongst the locals here at TGS. It's not even close. Seems every single person is here for one of two things. Or, hell, probably both. They're here for the Square Enix, and they're here for Capcom.

These signs are all over Capcom's booths. From left to right, it's Monster Hunter 3, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5. All three say, basically, they're not letting any more people in. No more. There are too many. Only one other place on the whole showroom has a sign like that.

And, yes, it's Square Enix. That sign for the Square Enix Mega Theatre - which was showing new FFXIII and FFXIII vs trailers - went up before 10:00. And the show wasn't even supposed to open until 10:00. That's how quick the tickets ran out.

All of which basically means that nearly every single person at TGS is trying to cram themselves into those two company's booths.


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