Star Wars: The Old Republic - Concept Art vs Screens

These early screens and concept art trickled out of Lucasarts/Bioware's steely grasp after their Big Announcement and Kotaku Jedi AJ Glasser uploaded them instantly using a combination of the Force Upload and a fast wifi link.

This concept gallery shows early Jedi/Sith character designs, a nice view of Coruscant that wouldn't look out of place in Episode 3 and two very similar monsters.

Check out the link to see how the artists' designs have been translated into polygonal reality.

First impressions - those lightsabers look a bit chunky. Maybe people were shorter back in the Old Republic.


    Is it just me or do the visuals look a little... cartoony. I hope the go for a more realistic approach to the character and world design ala the First and Second Kotor and The Force Unleased. I'd hate to see it end up looking like The Clone Wars *shudder*


    Oh I'm saying it over and over in my head :P

    say it with me!

    "art direction is one of the first things decided and is unlikely to undergo any significant changes during the development lifecycle." :)


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